About Us

Located in the southeast region of Arkansas, Hamburg was originally established in 1849. Designated the county seat, Hamburg houses the courthouse and the county jail. Agriculture and forestry combined make up a lot of the economic basis. Decades of booming timber and trucking industry have more than sustained our economy, along with cotton, rice, and soybeans.

Hamburg School District serves the communities of Portland, Wilmot, Parkdale, and Fountain Hill, as a result of a series of consolidations. Geographically, this makes HSD the second-largest school district in the state of Arkansas.

With attractions such as the downtown square, the gazebo, and the Ashley County Museum, there is much to see in Historic Hamburg. We are the home of the World Famous Armadillo Festival, along with many hometown heroes including Charles Portis; author of True Grit, NBA Legend; Scottie Pippen, PBR Success; Chase Outlaw, and Miss Teen USA; Stevie Perry.

Come and experience the beauty that is Hamburg. We are the little town with a BIG heart!

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